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The Real Truth About College

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Think that tour was the real college?

Think again.

This community is for high school seniors, who are in the process of applying to college, and want to know more than they tell you in pamphlets and on that cute little tour.

This community is for college students, who love their college and want to help high school students make a good decision.

This community is for college students, who wish that someone had screamed, "Don't do it!" when they were on that tour and want to provide the truth to future freshman.

The Rules

~There will be disagreements, but remember that your experience isn't the same as everyone else's. Be nice to each other. All annonymous posts/comments designed to cause fights will be deleted.

~Try to keep the faculty flaming to a minimum. Slander and libel aren't cool, but be honest.

~College Students: If you don't want to hear questions about average GPA or US News Rankings don't join this community. That's what it's for.

~High School Students:

`If you have a question about what stats you need to get into a school read back to previous posts and memories. It might be answered already. If it's not there, ask.

`This is not a community to have a college essay critiqued. There are other communities for that.

`Just because the student reps have agreed to give their name doesn't mean that it's ok to email them or contact them on their journals without their permission. Anyone who does this will be banned.

Real College Websites

Northeastern University
Boston, MA

NU Review
The NU Shuffle

Emmanuel College
Boston, MA


Reed College
Portland, OR


Boston University
Boston, MA


Student Rep: sylviboo

Boston College
Boston, MA

Boston College Undergrad Student Government

Brenau University
Gainesville, GA

Student Rep: angeldustsky, English Major

Wheelock College
Boston, MA

Student Rep: drewberry4, Social Work Major

Cambridge, MA


Student Rep: evenstarjuliet

University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

Student Rep: tigge03, Adolescent Ed/History

Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY


Student Rep: callmelou, Advertising/Public relations (Women's Studies)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI

Student Rep: shningdrgn, Social Science/Secondary Ed

Glenville State College
Glenville, WV


Student Rep: firemaiden,

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