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The Campus Manual

I'm sorry to bug you all with this kind of shameless plug, but I thought it might be interesting for college students and is almost perfect for this group topic.

So my friend and I came up with an idea the other day. This is a website for mainly college aged students that has a wikipedia like format but has provides more than just basic information for the university. Every school has its own culture, vernacular, buildings, food, and the like. It would be extremely useful as well for prospective college students.

We are both Brandeis University students (and I'm a History major) so we began to write entries for our school (which makes up the bulk of the site thus far). The entries began as a rather objective thing but grew more humorous as time progressed. The articles are often comedic but largely factually true (or honest in student opinion). Anyone can edit these pages, so if somethings objectionable it can be changed. Check it out at http://www.campusmanual.com/ , and feel free to start entries for your own schools, or message me at scrimers86 . It'd be a really good and humorous database for college students, in our opinion. I figured my counterpart history students might enjoy writing their own school history because most of the articles would not make it on wikipedia.
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