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Hello! *waves somewhat*

Greetings... I'm here to observe, but I might as well have an introduction for the hell of it.
I'm technically still a junior in hs for the next couple of days, though yesterday was my last day because I'm exempt from all of my exams. I'm a pretty good student - only 2 B's during my high school experience so far, 7th or 8th in my class as of this semester (though my silly-consistent high achievement has *apparently* conditioned me to be appalled by an rank that's not 1, 2, or 3, hah), took the SAT (well, the old one) twice and made decent scores (1360, 1380), still have to take the new one though - *shakes in my boots* :)
My tiny little sad school has 4 or 5 AP courses available, I think - I've only taken AP English, which I'll take next year too for Brit Lit, and I'm to take AP Calculus next year. The others are kind of, like I really don't want to take 2 maths in the same year, or the AP US History is at the wrong time, or I just don't like science enough to take more than the required amount of them, hah... But, anyway. Yeah, I'm more school-involved than anything else - I'm part of service clubs, but the one I've done more with is a less influential one. :\

My main choices for college are Bard, Sarah Lawrence, and Ithaca, though I have recently come across quite a few others in my region of choice that seem promising based on what I've seen of the majors, clubs, and some of those student-description things. I want to find more colleges, preferably around New England, that offer creative writing as a major, or at least don't leave the English department as just plain "English." And preferably have a wide array of psychology majors - I'll do general if the place is good enough in other ways, but I'd really prefer something a little more specialized, I geuss. And I'd like to live in a community that has some compelling history. :) I love that stuff.
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